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It's not often you come across a successful equipment manufacturer who does custom work. PBM has always offered this option for a couple different reasons. One reason is that we understand and respect that all of you operate a little differently from each other and in California with our diversity of crops and growing practices it's difficult to standardize. Another reason is that we learn different methods and practices that you have had success with and pass them on to others, in a variety of industries, who can benefit from all of our combined experiences.


We won't pull any punches... Custom Equipment can be expensive, but sometimes the benefits can outweigh the expense. If you ask PBM to quote a custom piece of equipment prepare to be asked a great deal of questions and provide us with detailed specifics regarding your situation. We can only guarantee the success of the custom equipment we build for you if we know every aspect of the applications, environments and potential issues that could be a concern. PBM estimates and quotes your custom equipment based on information you have provided up to that point. If an issue is brought to our attention that effects the cost after you have approved the quote you may be responsible. Custom is basically a time and materials situation. The quote process is free. We will let you know if we know of another manufacturer or supplier that is better suited to provide you the product you are looking for more cost effectively.


Contact a PBM representative or our Headquarters in Chico, CA for your Custom Quote.

100 Gallon Sweeper Sprayer
PBM can adapt sprayers or various fluid transfer systems to different types of equipment and drive sources. We have built several hydraulically driven centrifugal pump sprayers for Weiss McNair 's Orchard Sweepers and in 2006 we built this sprayer for one of Flory's Orchard Sweepers shown here.
500 Gallon "High-Boy" Sprayer
This 500 Gallon V-Axle Sprayer has an adjustable height tongue, adjustable width axles, a hydraulically driven centrifugal pump and 30' dual bar spray boom. Custom built for a Custom Spray Applicator.
Dual 300 Gallon Nursery Sprayer
A gas engine driven high volume, 140 psi centrifugal pump and three Boomless Nozzles to throw a consistent pattern over 50' per side. A gas engine diaphragm pump delivers spray materials to the two hose reels for weed and tree spraying.
Roadway Spray Truck
This spray truck includes a main water tank and 3 chemical injection tanks for mixing blends on the fly. The intelligent RAVEN Spray system allows the operators to use GPS based Rx spray maps to accuratly and automatically apply material to pre-determined areas. Special features include an electrically operated fold-down spray boom for spraying right of ways and agitation mixers to keep spray material in solution between spray jobs.
100 Gallon Skid Sprayer With Containment
This custom sprayer was designed with forklift slots for easy loading onto flatbed trucks and a containment basin to to meet certain regulatory requirements.

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