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PBM is currently looking for Master Agricultural Sprayer Dealers.


What does PBM have to offer me?

Our sprayers are always the best value... PBM equipment comes with strong structures, high quality components and is built to last a lifetime. Along with value we offer a selection of options and accessories that can't be equaled by those "cookie cutter" spray equipment manufacturers. We will provide on-going dealer support, training and mostly, a sincere concern that the end-users and owners of our equipment feel they have made the best decision when they chose to buy their PBM Sprayer. If you are considering adding PBM Sprayers to your product line chances are great that you already offer quality products. PBM makes an excellent compliment to Power Equipment, ATV and Tractor Dealerships. Once your staff is trained they will learn what parts and accessories your customers' will require. Your business will increase due to separating your company from any competition through knowledge and expertise of a product line that is uncommon at retail level.

Our "Sense of Urgency"... PBM deals with you the dealer, and your client's needs as quickly as possible. We ship parts orders daily, provide drop shipping at no additional charge, out all of our locations and ship out of our headquarters in Chico, California until 5:00 pm, Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Our web site is designed to, and our sales staff is instructed to direct sales to your facility. If you are a "PBM Master Dealer" and a customer inquires with us, or about PBM equipment directly we will refer them to you and provide quotes and discussion to a pre-determined contact at your facility based on a 30 mile radius of the delivery point Zip Code.

We want you to succeed... We will provide brochures on our products and let us help out by sharing the expense of your local advertising and direct mailings to current and potential customers to make them aware that you are now carrying PBM Sprayers.

What doesn't PBM have to offer me? Well, we don't sell cheap sprayers. As a matter of fact, we kind of have a problem with that. Our assumption, (shame on us), is that the average consumer, commercial or not, wants to buy a great product at a fair price. So, we openly admit we do have a couple flaws. Please forgive us and continue, at least through the next point ot two.

To become a PBM Dealer you must first acknowledge that you have a customer base that is interested in purchasing superior equipment at a fair price.

Our goal will be to set up your sprayer selection and train your staff to meet the needs of your customer base. However, it's not uncommon for sprayer shoppers to want their sprayers built to a specific criteria. That's where PBM excels. Customizing sprayers with all the options and accessories required to meet or exceed their clients needs. The only drawback to this is that they may need to wait a couple weeks for us to build and test their custom sprayer.
Although we made it clear that we do not build cheap spray equipment, we can work within a customer's budget. Our sprayers and accessories are designed to be adaptable and interchangeable with only a few exceptions. This allows customers to start out with, let's say, a lesser priced pump, engine or accessory, and upgrade cost effectively, with minimum of labor, as their needs increase. We ultimately always want the owner's and end-user's of our sprayers to have benefited from the purchase of our products.

The definition of a PBM Master Dealer... Dealers who consistently stock and maintain a selection of PBM equipment (minimum stock levels do apply), targeted to meet the needs of their customer base. This dealer must display and promote PBM Sprayers and offer parts as well. It is preferred, but not required, that Master Dealers offer service and repair for PBM Sprayers. If the dealer does not offer service or repairs, the dealer would then need to promote PBM's Repair Services.

Have you toured our site and obtained a sense of all the spray equipment and accessories that PBM has to offer?
If you haven't, please scroll down the left navigation bar button by button to get a better feel for what we build. These are merely samples of all that PBM can offer. We pride ourselves on not being limited to a small selection of options and accessories. In fact, inside of each of the categories we have options so vast that it is literally impractical to list them all. If you are interested or have any further questions please contact PBM Sales for more details and information. Successful PBM Dealers are commonly: Tractor Dealers, ATV Dealers, Power Equipment Centers and Farm & Ranch Hardware Stores.

The prerequisite to become a PBM Dealer is that you dedicate a proper proportion of your staff to being trained on spray equipment and sales of PBM Sprayers related to the primary products you offer in your territory. It is also imperative that your territory does not cross over an existing PBM Master Dealer's territory.

The only exception to this rule would be if the two dealer types draw substantially different client types and that the existing "Master Dealer" has no concerns about crossover product lines. ATV or Power Equipment Centers and Tractor Dealers are examples of PBM Dealers who can co-exist within a single territory. We feel we should advise you... that we currently deal direct with a large number of fertilizer companies, pest control, turf / tree care professionals, tank sales inquiries, (in locations not supported by stocking PBM Tank Dealers), and with certain government agencies. PBM would only consider establishing dealers in these specialty markets whose business types and / or specialized expertise in said areas was extensive. If any customer inquires outside of a 60 mile radius of your location PBM may choose to deal with them directly.

We may have already dealt with a customer in your area... If this is the case we will encourage this customer to begin dealing with you. If your efforts are not appreciated by our customer we may choose to continue dealing with them ourselves at a margin that you could still profit. All new inquiries will be directed to your location from the point you become established as a "PBM Master Dealer". If you have achieved this status chances are great this will never be an issue.

Well, that's it... It's up to you now. We know we have products that could boost, prestige, profits and sales for your company. Are you still interested? We sure hope so. We look forward to your inquiries and Thank You for taking the time to learn about who we are and all that we can offer.

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