3-Point Sprayers - 30 Gallon

Pictured is PBM's Model PBM-30-3PT-12V-500, 30 Gallon 3-Point Sprayer outfitted with a 7' to 10' Utility Boom plumbed for "Broadcast", Manual 2-way boom control. The ShurFlo Model 2088-343-500 produces a maximum of 3.0 gpm and 45 psi*. If you prefer a different pump design, pump drive, require more or less flow or pressure check out PBM's Sprayer Book .


*PBM's standard discharge plumbing is rated to 300 psi. If your application requires over 300 psi please contact PBM for a quote with high pressure discharge plumbing.

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Our most popular models: Pump Specs, (Maximums):
PBM-30-3PT-12V 1.8 gpm, 60 psi, 12 volt motor driven diaphragm pump
PBM-30-3PT-12V-500 3.0 gpm, 45 psi, 12 volt motor driven diaphragm pump
PBM-30-3PT-D252 6.0 gpm, 290 psi, PTO driven diaphragm pump

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