Sprayer Tips, Useful Formulas & Conversions
Sprayer Tips Courtesy of PBM

Here are some tips on sprayer care, information regarding components specific to sprayers, conversion charts and useful formulas. We will be adding more useful information periodically, press Ctrl "D" to bookmark this page so you can check back from time to time.

Share your Tips & Hints!
If you have any questions, concerns or would like to share something that you have found helpful in your spraying practices e-mail to: pbm@pbmsprayers.com.

Spray tips offered by PBM are from our experiences, some are from input we have received from our customers and other spray equipment operators who wish to share successes they have had. We hope these tips help you, but cannot accept liability for any damage to property or individuals should you choose to use them in your spraying practices.

If you are needing assistance with a spray equipment related issue PBM is here to help. Feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

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Agitation Types/Methods - Pros & Cons

Chemical Savings - Part 1 - Nozzles

Chemical Savings - Part 2 - Nozzle Care

Chemical Savings - Part 3 - Spray Rate Controls

Pressure Controls

Basic Spray Pump Design Pros & Cons

Useful Formulas

Conversion Chart

Illustrated Terminology Guide

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