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3-Point Sprayers

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PBM-55 3PT-D252-PKG-1
PBM-55 3PT-D252-PKG-1

* 55 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* AR D252 Diaphragm Pump
* Remote UPO with 3-Port SS Manifold
* 6-9ft. Double Strip Boom

PBM-110 3PT-6500XL-PKG-1

* 110 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* Hypro 6500XL Roller Pump
* Remote UPO with 3-Port SS Manifold
* 16-24ft. Orchard Boom

PBM-200 3PT-7560XL-PKG-1
PBM-200 3PT-7560XL-PKG-1

* 200 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* Hypro 7560XL Roller Pump
* Remote UPO with 4-Port SS Manifold
* 16-24ft. Field Boom
* Aluminum Spray Gun Kit

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3-Point sprayers from PBM Supply & MFG., Inc. are an excellent way to start spraying with a tractor of any size. PBM offers 3-Point Sprayers for smaller tractors with category 1 hitches and for larger tractors with category 2 hitches. The ability to raise and lower the spray boom directly from the tractor makes adjusting the sprayer’s boom height very quick and simple. 3-point sprayers can be ordered with 12-volt pumps, hydraulic PTO pumps, or PTO shaft driven pumps to mate to almost any tractor on the market today.

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