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PBM Delivery & Nurse Trailers

PBM is not your average equipment manufacturer.

PBM Supply & MFG., Inc. Has been supplying California businesses and farmers with quality equipment and supplies for over 50 years. The company was founded in 1969 as a saw mill supply company by three partners from Plumas, Butte, and Mendocino counties. This is where the name “PBM” originated from, and the reason our logo features a tree and saw blade. In the early 80’s, The Jones family took on complete ownership of the company and began putting together sprayers upon the request of local farmers. It did not take long for these reliable sprayers to gain in popularity and grow PBM into the agricultural and industrial supply source you know today.

We have decades of experience in every department of our company who all participate in making your purchase a pleasant experience. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and where most manufacturers focus on mass production and profit, PBM focuses on delivering an excellent product that will last. Our sprayers and tank trailers are built with the best quality components to make certain downtime is minimal and parts are readily available.

PBM has built spray equipment, tank trailers and custom equipment for many years. This eventually developed into a line of interchangeable components with a wide variety of options, allowing nearly all of the equipment we offer to be modified to meet most any application.

We still encourage person-to-person communication to make certain you get the equipment you need. So please feel free to gather all the necessary requirements for your equipment and give us a call. Most equipment that is ordered from PBM is built to order with the exception of a few pre-built items. Our lead times can vary depending upon seasonal factors, parts availability and our current workload. We will let you know our lead times at the time of order as they can vary from product line to product line.

Throughout California, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, and Utah, PBM has Stocking Sprayer Dealers who can help you with ordering, parts, service and repairs.