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We have found that the more information a customer can provide about how they plan on using their new sprayer,
the better we can outfit the equipment to meet their needs.


What PBM needs to know to build the perfect spray rig for your money.

What type of ground will you be spraying?

What type of spray will you be applying?

How many acres will you cover?

How much have you budgeted for spray equipment?


1) Tank Size
Use spray rate per acre (in gallons) times number of sprayed acres to determine your tank size.
Do you have any limitations on tank or sprayer dimensions?
Will ground compaction or, (anything else), limit the weight of your sprayer?


2) Pump & Pump Drive
Use the number of spray nozzles times the gallons per minute per nozzle and add 20% to 25% for agitation to
determine your necessary pump volume.
What spray material(s) will you apply?
Are you spraying any chemicals which require specific pump compatibility?
What power source will you use: electric, power take-off (PTO), gas engine, or hydraulic?


3) Boom Type & Length
What type of crop are you spraying? What are your tree or row spacings?
Are you strip spraying, banding or simply broadcast spraying?
How many gallons per sprayed acre do you want to apply?


4) Manifold Specs
How many boom sections will you need to control? (Remember to allow one valve for gun control if applicable.)
Will you use manual or electric boom controls?
Where will you mount the controls?
What type of construction stands up best under your application?


5) Using a Spray Gun?
Will you need a spray gun for your application?
What type of spraying will you use the gun for: tree or weed spraying, long or short distance, high,(over 300 psi), or low pressure?
Will you need a heavy duty gun or a lightweight gun?
How many feet of spray hose will you need?


How To Order:

1) Contact a PBM Dealer or Salesman to place your order.

2) The Dealer/salesman will then submit the order to our fabrication and assembly departments.

3) Once the Sprayer has been completed, the dealer or salesman will contact you and arrange a pickup or delivery.


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