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Chemical Mixing Trailers

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Mixing trailers are an ideal solution for mixing chemicals on site. Featuring a large fully drainable water tank and a 60 gallon inductor tank for mixing, you can safely batch-mix your chemicals one sprayer load at a time. A 12-volt 3.3 GPM pump supplies fresh water for the included safety wash and rinse system. Optional features include a CA DPR approved chemical mixing system, double axle brakes and your choice of tank size.

Tank Sizes
  • 710 Gallon
  • 1000 Gallon
  • 1010 Gallon
  • 1600 Gallon
  • 1610 Gallon
  • 1635 Gallon
  • 2035 Gallon
  • Polyethylene tanks
  • Electric start Honda motors
  • Sturdy steel-tubing frame
Additional Options
  • Total-Drain Polyethylene tanks
  • CXSS Closed Mixing Box

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