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High Crop Walking Beam Sprayers

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ATT-200 WB-H-4H-HC-PKG-1
ATT-200-WB H-4H-HC-PKG-1

* 200 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* High Crop Walking Beam Axle
* Raven Vales & Remotely Mounted Toggle Box
* 40ft. Field Boom
* 120CC Honda Engine

ATT-100-WB H-4H-HC-PKG-1
ATT-100 WB-H-4H-HC-PKG-1

* 100 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* 30ft. Field Boom
* 120CC Honda Engine
* UPO Post with SS 3-Port Manifold

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The High Crop Walking Beam system provides the same great flotation and stability of the regular Walking Beam, but gives the option to adjust height to clear young crops and adjust width for various field row spacings. These sprayers are ideal for row crop applications where the ability to adjust “on-the-fly” is needed. This allows you to get on the field early with an ATV, and later with a
small tractor. One great sprayer for two big jobs.

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