Pest Control Sprayers

Pest control sprayers mount directly in the bed of a service truck and allow for the transport of up to 50 gallons of spray solution. We offer two main pump drive options, 12-volt diaphragm pumps that can run off of vehicle power and gasoline engines that can provide more pressure for those hard to reach areas.

  • Powder-coated Steel Frames
  • Multiple Hose Reel Options
    • Speed up you job choosing from many different electronic or manual hose reels
  • Safeguard Systems
    • Spray controllers that mix your spray solution in-line while you are spraying. Just set your ratios, calibrate and go spray.
  • Superior Tank Material
    • PBM offers Pest Control Sprayers with Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Polyethylene tanks for your choice of chemical compatibility.
Tank Sizes
  • 25 Gallon
  • 30 Gallon
  • 50 Gallon
  • 110 Gallon
  • 300 Gallon
Pump Options
  • AR-D30 Diaphragm Pump
    • 9.6 GPM Max, 580 PSI Max
  • AR-D252 Diaphragm Pump
    • 6.5 GPM Max, 362 PSI Max
  • GNC P530 Piston Pump
    • 10 GPM Max, 600 PSI Max
  • Shurflo 2088-343-135 12V Pump
    • 3 GPM Max, 45 PSI Max
Pest Control Accessories
  • Cox Hose Reels
    • Electric or manual rewind options
  • Hannay Hose Reels
    • Electric or manual rewind options
  • Batch Mixing Tank
    • A small, 5 gallon tank for mixing small batches of chemical
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Spray gun & Hose Kits



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