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SKD-110 D252-2.5PP-PKG-1
SKD-110 D252-2.5PP-PKG-1

* 110 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* AR D252 Diaphragm Pump
* 505 Spray Gun Kit
* Cox Hose Reel

SKD-150 D30-5H-PKG-1
SKD-150 D30-5H-PKG-1

* 150 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* AR D30 Diaphragm Pump
* Aluminum Spray Gun Kit
* Cox Hose Reel
* 5HP Honda Engine

SKD-200 D50-9H-PKG-1
SKD-200 D50-9H-PKG-1

* 200 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* AR D50 Diaphragm Pump
* AGSG-LR-Turbine Spray Gun Kit
* Cox Hose Reel
* 9HP Honda Engine

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With tank size options from 30 to 300 gallons, Skid sprayers are excellent for a wide variety of sprayer applications. These Skid sprayers are compact, versatile and will fit into most truck and trailer beds. A wide variety of accessories can be added to a standard Skid Sprayer ensuring that it will fulfill your application’s needs.

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