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Spray Guns and Kits

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Guns - 1
Turbine Spray Guns
Spray Guns

* Ideal for orchards, vineyards, and trees
* Front handle for extra spray control
* Easily adjustable spray pattern

Guns - 2
AA43 GunJet® Series
AA43 GunJet® Series

* Designed and built for heavy duty service
* Trigger-lock® for continuous spraying at desired spray setting
* Exposed packing nut for easy adjustment
* Brass or aluminum options available

Guns - 3
505 Spray Gun
505 Spray Gun

* Trigger lock for continuous spraying
* Adjustable from fog to pencil stream
* Drip-free shut-off
* 800 PSI Max.

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Spray Gun Kits

Choose your preferred spray gun, add a length of 3/8″ or 1/2″ hose and you have got yourself a PBM Spray Gun Kit. Spray guns can be conveniently paired with our UPO Posts or Hose Reels with holsters to secure your gun when not in use.

Spray Guns and Accessories

PBM offers many different styles of spray guns and accessories to meet your application needs. Accessories include wand extensions, spray tips, adapters, relief valves, swivels, and more. Speak with your closest PBM dealer to ensure spray gun/accessory compatibility.

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