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Field Booms:


Heavy-duty spray booms built for rough terrain. Shock absorber support and heavy duty breakaway hinges provide consistent and even application while helping reduce boom bounce. Field Booms are available up to 40 feet wide and come standard with 1/2” plumbing.

Orchard Booms:


Medium-duty spray booms that are great for moderate terrain. These booms use chain support and have heavy duty breakaway hinges. Designed for spraying orchard rows and excellent for utility spraying as well. Orchard Booms come standard with 1/2” plumbing.

Utility Booms:


Light-duty spray booms ideal for smooth terrain. Great for roadside spraying, fence line spraying, and small jobs around your property. Utility Booms come standard with 3/8” plumbing.

Flex Berm Booms:


Covered spray booms with low tension breakaways and impact absorbing spray canopies. These booms have become very popular with operators spraying in vineyards and young orchards. Berm Booms come standard with 3/8” plumbing.

Double Row Booms:


Designed to spray both sides of two rows at the same time. These booms maximize efficiency and allow growers to finish spraying in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional sprayers. Comes standard with 3/8” plumbing.

HAV Booms


HAV booms have the option of conveniently located toggle switches for hydraulically actuated open/close control of left and right boom sections. These booms include hangers for storage and can be transported in their closed position. HAV booms are limited to use with HAV Self-propelled sprayers and custom equipment because they use upright tubes for the outer sections instead of a rear hanger.