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ATT-100 H-4H-BB-PKG-2
ATT-100 H-4H-BB-PKG-2

* 100 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* 6-8ft. Flex Berm Boom
* 4HP Honda Engine
* Hypro 1538 Centrifugal Pump
* UPO Post with 2-Port SS Manifold


* 200 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
* AR D30 Diaphragm Pump
* Walking Beam Axle
* Double Over-The-Row Spray Boom

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Protect your vines and your harvest with PBM Walking Beam and Lil’ Squirt sprayers, configured specifically for vineyard applications. Vineyard Walking Beam Sprayers, from 55 to 250 gallons, move lightly over tilled soils with ground compaction. Properly equipped, they will spray both sides of two rows in one pass, cutting application time in half. Use covered booms to protect your vines and eliminate herbicide drift. PBM’s Lil’ Squirt Mini-Blast sprayers can travel on soft soils to deliver a saturating mist which will fully coat your vines.

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